Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That DSLR Life

Hey guys! 

I hope that you all enjoyed you're valentines day and got to spend time with your loved ones or got to spend some quality time on yourself for all you single loves! 

I feel I kind of gave away the topic of this post with the title but we are just going to go with it! I finally got my first DSLR camera! Look how pretty! :) 

Eric (my husband for you guys who don't know) gets the best husband award for buying this for me as an early valentines day present (swoon)! I have been eyeing this camera for the longest time, and had no intention of buying it anytime soon. He's too good. I wasn't expecting it at all! 

I am honestly so excited about this I can't even tell you guys! I have really wanted to take my blogging to the next level and this is just one thing that is going to make both blogging and vlogging (bet you guys didn't see that coming!) easier! 

I have so much to learn still, but I am throughly doing my research. From my research thus far I have already learned that I should go out and buy a separate lens for my food pictures than for my beauty pictures and that I shouldn't waste my time with the auto setting on my camera (although I have to say it does take pretty great pictures) and learn how to use the manual or semi-manual settings on the camera. 

Be on the lookout for my first photo shoot with the new camera! 


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