Monday, February 10, 2014

Delta Labs Review!

Hey guys and happy monday!

I hope you all had a much more relaxing weekend then I did! I feel like my whole weekend went by without me even knowing it! So sad…the best part though? I get another one in just 5 more short days! Woo hoo!

Anywho, I wanted to introduce you guys to Delta Labs! I am a Delta Labs Ambassador and couldn't be prouder! This company is something I strongly believe in, and I hope that I can share some of that passion with you all.

Today I wanted to talk about the Hair Skin and Nails Product.

I have had a hard time in recent years with my hair. I lost my initial weight at a really fast pace, and that type of thing promotes very quick hair loss. I had lost about 50% of the hair I used to have before I started to lose weight.

Now getting hair to grow back is a very tricky thing. I was told by my dermatologist that it is nearly impossible to get it to grow back without chemicals. However, he also told me that the best thing I could possibly do was to take care of the hair that I do have left! For me, a big part of that is a Biotin Supplement, which is exactly what is in Hair Skin and Nails!

I have only been taking my Hair Skin and Nails for about a month, but I can tell you it has made a world of difference already! I can tell that the hair that is growing is growing both faster and thicker, which helps my hair look fuller even with the recent hair loss!

I would love for you guys to get a chance to try out Hair Skin and Nails for yourself! So, Im doing a Giveaway! Woot!

Enter to win in the comments. Tell me your favorite hair tip or product and you will automatically be entered to win a free sample of Hair Skin and Nails! This giveaway is going to run until March 1st, so get on it girls! :)

If Hair Skin and Nails isn't something you think you are interested in, please visit the Delta Labs website and take a look around. You can get $5 your order by using the coupon code "frenchpressthis" at checkout!

Any questions please let me know!


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