Tuesday, February 18, 2014

That DSLR Life

Hey guys! 

I hope that you all enjoyed you're valentines day and got to spend time with your loved ones or got to spend some quality time on yourself for all you single loves! 

I feel I kind of gave away the topic of this post with the title but we are just going to go with it! I finally got my first DSLR camera! Look how pretty! :) 

Eric (my husband for you guys who don't know) gets the best husband award for buying this for me as an early valentines day present (swoon)! I have been eyeing this camera for the longest time, and had no intention of buying it anytime soon. He's too good. I wasn't expecting it at all! 

I am honestly so excited about this I can't even tell you guys! I have really wanted to take my blogging to the next level and this is just one thing that is going to make both blogging and vlogging (bet you guys didn't see that coming!) easier! 

I have so much to learn still, but I am throughly doing my research. From my research thus far I have already learned that I should go out and buy a separate lens for my food pictures than for my beauty pictures and that I shouldn't waste my time with the auto setting on my camera (although I have to say it does take pretty great pictures) and learn how to use the manual or semi-manual settings on the camera. 

Be on the lookout for my first photo shoot with the new camera! 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Hey guys!

Happy Tuesday!

I tried something new last week. Yoga. I made a new years resolution last year to try yoga, but sadly I was two months late to that party. I decided that I needed to try it since I have been thinking about it for quite some time. I didn't know at all what to expect, but I trotted over to the YMCA anyways!

I was the first one into the class because apparently no one gets there early. That was more than fine with me because I was both able to meet the instructor beforehand so she knew that I had never practiced before and was able to pick a spot in the studio that I felt comfortable in. I was nervous but at the same time so excited! 

I was actually surprised at how challenging it was even though this was just a basic class. Holding those poses is much harder than it looks from the outside so I give props to people who do this all the time! I had no idea. 

By the end of the class I was both relaxed and sweaty (mind you this wasn't even a hot yoga class). It was extremely enjoyable and I will be back in the near future for sure! 

Do any of you guys practice yoga? What did you think of it the first time you took a class? 


Monday, February 10, 2014

Delta Labs Review!

Hey guys and happy monday!

I hope you all had a much more relaxing weekend then I did! I feel like my whole weekend went by without me even knowing it! So sad…the best part though? I get another one in just 5 more short days! Woo hoo!

Anywho, I wanted to introduce you guys to Delta Labs! I am a Delta Labs Ambassador and couldn't be prouder! This company is something I strongly believe in, and I hope that I can share some of that passion with you all.

Today I wanted to talk about the Hair Skin and Nails Product.

I have had a hard time in recent years with my hair. I lost my initial weight at a really fast pace, and that type of thing promotes very quick hair loss. I had lost about 50% of the hair I used to have before I started to lose weight.

Now getting hair to grow back is a very tricky thing. I was told by my dermatologist that it is nearly impossible to get it to grow back without chemicals. However, he also told me that the best thing I could possibly do was to take care of the hair that I do have left! For me, a big part of that is a Biotin Supplement, which is exactly what is in Hair Skin and Nails!

I have only been taking my Hair Skin and Nails for about a month, but I can tell you it has made a world of difference already! I can tell that the hair that is growing is growing both faster and thicker, which helps my hair look fuller even with the recent hair loss!

I would love for you guys to get a chance to try out Hair Skin and Nails for yourself! So, Im doing a Giveaway! Woot!

Enter to win in the comments. Tell me your favorite hair tip or product and you will automatically be entered to win a free sample of Hair Skin and Nails! This giveaway is going to run until March 1st, so get on it girls! :)

If Hair Skin and Nails isn't something you think you are interested in, please visit the Delta Labs website and take a look around. You can get $5 your order by using the coupon code "frenchpressthis" at checkout!

Any questions please let me know!


Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Link Love: YouTube Edition!

Hey guys!

I hope you all are having a fabulous week! I sure did and I am so happy that it is finally the weekend! I have lots of things planned for this weekend that will be in a post in the coming week!

Here is some link love (from the youtube world) for you guys to enjoy!

1. The Bill Nye vs. Ken Ham Debate! You can watch the whole thing right here if you didn't get a chance to watch it last night! What do you all think? I have mixed feelings about it, and I had to turn it off at one point because it was making me angry! It is surely something you should watch if you didn't get a chance though!

2. Nikki Phillipi! I love this girl! I watch her all the time. Her videos are so awesome, and she even has an ask nikki channel on youtube where she answers viewer questions. I like to spend time watching her videos at the coffee shop! <3

3. TrulyJess! This girl is such a fitness inspiration! She does daily vlogs, so if you just can't seem to find the motivation to get to the gym (don't lie, we've all been there ;P) then watching her does the trick for me! She goes to the gym 6 days a week, is an MshellBombshell!, and eats super clean! She's all around amazing! <3

I hope you guys all take some time to look around at these pages! The debate is a very educated one, and the girls on the bottom are both super inspirational! They both have a big impact on my life!

Hope you all continue to have a great week!


Saturday, February 1, 2014

Take It Slow

Hey guys and happy Saturday! 

This week has been a strange one. I had 3 days off in a row due to the massive snow storm we had that I mentioned in my previous post. Being in a house with my husband for 3 days straight was wearing on me both of us, and things were starting to get a little tense. 

In comes the best husband ever! 

This man ran me a wonderful bath complete with candles, music, wine and bubbles!  

This was exactly what I needed. Sometimes I get so caught up in the roles that I play in my life (wife, dog mom, best friend, co-worker) I forget to take some time for myself and just relax. Is it just me or does this happen to you guys too? 

This night was capped off with bringing those candles into my bedroom and watching crappy television for the rest of the night (hello The Hills marathon!) with a cup of tea! 

I have to remind myself to do this more often. I feel like I can function at my best when I have taken some time to myself to really unwind and take care of myself. I think everyone around me can agree that this has made me feel better and I'm in a much better mood! 

What do you guys do to relax and reset yourself?