Thursday, January 23, 2014


Welcome to my blog! I'm so glad that you decided to stop by and hope that you have some fun looking around! 

I wanted my first post to focus on the name of this blog, as well as some things you can come to expect from French Press This! Let's jump right in! 

I may or may not have a coffee addiction. I am currently in my second coffee shop job and honestly coffee shops are my second home! I love curling up with a good book or my laptop in a cute environment and reading or writing. There is something about physically going to a coffee shop that is nostalgic for me. 

I write most of my blog posts and do most of my homework from coffee shops so I knew that the name of this blog had to fit in with my love of coffee. I also wanted it to capture my strong straightforward personality, so I thought what would be more fitting than "French Press This"? 

The content is going to be super exciting (at least I think it is! ;))! I am going to do regular posts on health, nutrition, fashion, finance, coffee, adventures, and anything else I feel worthy of sharing with you guys. It's going to be a great ride and I hope that you guys choose to come with me! 

So lets get to know each other! Comment below and let me know you're here! If you are a fellow blogger feel free to share a link to your blog so I can follow you back. I would love to hear for you all! <3 

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